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Life is NOT all about money - but having it and understanding it are certainly helpful to living a happy life. We aren't really taught these critical skills, but we need them every day.


They say that without health, you have nothing. You can have all of the money in the world, but if you are sick, it doesn't really matter. Take control of your health for ideal weight, optimum energy and a long healthy life.


There are certain things that you must learn, or success will always elude you - even if you have a PhD from Harvard. Learn how to be organized, communicate, and manage your life for success.

Transformation Starts With You

The way we educate people today has major problems. We hear from ‘teachers’ about King Henry VIII and his headless wives, or algebra, or the Pyramids. How often do you use that knowledge?

We’re different. Here, you will learn from real DO-ers about money, health, mindset, communication and the critical keys to success. Choose from transformative programs taught by some of the most successful and brilliant minds in their field. And we are just getting started. Join us.

Education For Real-Life

You can spend $180,000 getting a college degree and still not know how to thrive in this world. What a shame. To be successful, you need knowledge in key areas. Like understanding basic taxes or how to invest, or negotiate a car, house or better hotel room. You should know how to lead or speak your ideas, communicate with people, and the secrets to optimal health, energy and vitality. Our goal is to help you transform into a NEW YOU, where you can impact the world and have fun all while building a better life in the process.

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Our goal is to help you transform your life into a masterpiece.


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