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Hi. I'm Mark Yegge.

“I’ve spent over 4 decades trading $14-billion worth of stocks and options, running hedge funds and helping people create massive wealth from Wall Street. And now, we are showing people how they can use the complete systems that I’ve built to create a better path to success – and a path to even greater financial freedom.”

– Mark Yegge, Wealth Architect

We’re different. Here, you will learn from real DO-ers: experienced financial managers who have actually "done it." Join us.

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My Wealth Architect Formula

Any solid structure is built on a good foundation. These are the keys to building a great foundation for your financial plan.


We aren’t born with financial knowledge, and we aren’t even taught it properly in our schools. Yet, we use money every day. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things, why not learn the right way, right now and get time on your side in your wealth creation plan?


There are lots of investments out there, but not all are right for you. Worse yet, most of the ones that are being “sold” to you are actually wrong for you. In many cases, the salesman does better than you – and it’s YOUR money. Leverage your wealth results with the power of solid wealth vehicles that make sense to you and watch your financial life transform.


Every “win” in life starts with a success mindset. It’s not luck, and if it is, it only comes to those who prepare. 90% of Wealth is mindset: making it, keeping it, spending it, investing it, and giving it away. It all starts with a success mindset.


You must create flexibility in your wealth. Being able to act on the right opportunity when it arises. Imagine investing in Apple in 2003, or Bitcoin in 2010, or an apartment complex in a city that was about to explode. Build a part of your strategy around liquidity and you will 10x your results.


There is no question that we are moving to a digitized, decentralized economy. In order to be positioned for the future, you must have some of your wealth allocated to this class of assets.


To have success in your wealth, you must own the right things, and create cash-flow and appreciation from them. Passive Income is the key to financial freedom and we use Ownership, Liquid, and Tech Assets to create Passive Income.

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Safe, Reliable Income

Most of our investors like to create income, but in today’s low-yield world, there are few choices. What if you could take the stock market and turn it into a Cash Flow Machine by “renting” out your stocks? Now, instead of getting 3 or 4 percent a year with a dividend stock you could get 2% to 4% a month from your stocks. Best of all, you can do this while actually lowering your risk vs. a regular investment in the stock market or mutual fund.

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Financial Freedom

Were you put on this earth to work all the time? What if, instead of exchanging your time for money, you could exchange money for time? Maybe have time to go on several vacations each year with your family or friends. Maybe it’s about more time to be on the golf course, or at the spa, or just enjoying your life with people who make you laugh. That’s what life should be about. Use our programs to create the life that only a few dreamers can ever achieve.

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Make money in up-markets and down-markets.

Almost anyone can make money when the market is going up. But what happens during the 30% of the time that the markets are going down or sideways. It’s during those times, that you can make or break your portfolio. The ability to make money in all markets is the hallmark of an excellent investor.

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Grab a hold of lifelong winners.

Most people ask “which stock should I buy?” That is only a part of the answer (the rest is the system around owing it). But buying the right stock is critical. Yet you really only need one good stock to significantly change your life. We’ve studied the best stocks of the last 120 years and have found similar traits. Learning them could profoundly improve your results.

"It only takes one stock to change your life."

- Mark Yegge

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Improve your trading results.

In golf, it only takes a few tweaks to change a lifelong slicer into a golfer that hits it down the middle. In trading, you just need to learn some great fundamentals to become great at investing and your performance can massively change.

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Generate investment ideas

Once you understand the patterns of winning stocks from years past, you can apply them to today and find new winners. Sometimes that is most of what you need.

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A system to build wealth.

Most people never learn about wealth. If they do, they learn the wrong way. Creating wealth really comes down to a mindset, a set of emotions around it. If you want to build long-term wealth, you must have a system with a proven set of rules that can help you to rid emotion from your decision-making.

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