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Mark Yegge

The Wealth Architect

"Never give up your power in your health, your wealth or your time."


For those who are new to my work, I’ve created a short summary of the main ideas I’ve developed

and explored in my work over the years.


To do anything right in any area of your life, you must learn the right mindset – a success mindset. In investing, a success mindset is about 90% of your result, so we’d better get it right. If you put in the tough work to create your own success mindset, you will see your rewards skyrocket.



All investing should lead to some kind of passive income. I don’t believe that a core investing strategy is buy and hold and hope for capital appreciation. I emphasize cashflow investing where you have the choice of using the cash flow to increase your portfolio, or using it for living. But you have the choice.



In the end, we are all business-people running our lives and investments in a systematic way (at least we probably should). Since life is a formula, there are ways to run your life like a well-oiled business. So, if your life is a business, shouldn’t you understand how to run it properly? In business, there are processes and ways of doing things right: relationships, finances, communication, etc. The same in life: health, wealth, spirit, fun, happiness. It all works together. In my many years of entrepreneurship, I have learned of critical ways of running business including a fascinating thesis on Negotation, which led me to write one of my first books: Negotiate To Win-Win. I also wrote The Secrets of Business to help people navigate the roadmap of their own entrepreneurial journey.



Our current education system was created more than 100 years ago, in a bygone era where workers were groomed to occupy industrial jobs. We reward compliance and not innovation. Acceptance of ideas rather than critical thinking. With the advent of knowledge from all over the world, we now have access to new knowledge, and new ways of thinking. It’s time that we embraced that fact.



I think that as long as we have government, we will have corruption on an individual level. In other words, it is too easy to “buy votes” with wasteful programs that don’t benefit accretively to society. That is why over the last thousand years, over 700 fiat currencies have failed – nearly all of them. The recognized currencies of the day are always moving towards their demise. The blockchain is the first technology that has the potential to change the way that we think about money, government, society. We have had revolutions in industry, communication, production, government, consumption, and entertainment. Maybe a revolution in currency is dawning.


Professional Money Manager

I have always been fascinated by the process of building wealth. More importantly, I want people to know that there are better ways to create portfolio returns (Alpha) than those told to us by Wall Street.

Our group of funds consistently outperforms the S&P 500 Index, but interestingly, takes substantially less risk. And now, we are embracing the future with funds investing in cryptoassets.

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In today’s world, time is everything.
There are 2 main ways to learn anything: the slow way and the fast way. With the slow way, you figure everything out yourself, with trial and error and you lose your most valuable
asset:  time. 
With the fast way, you take existing knowledge and experience, and make it your platform. Then add in a mentor who can point out where you are coming up short and show you with his experience where you could improve and how to get even better - faster.
It's like a pole-vault to the next level. If you want to 10x your results, you need a mentor in any area of your life. I mentor people in their financial life so they get better results - faster, and without costly trial and error.

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I love to write, probably because I love to learn. I write about things that are practical, that can help make people better, maybe bring some positive change to the world.

So far, I have written books and courses about business, negotiation,  wealth management, time management, and intricate investment strategies.

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Short of time to invest in your own education? I may have the

answer for you. Our group of funds consistently outperforms the

S&P 500 Index, but interestingly, takes substantially less risk.


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