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"I understand that once I purchase this mentorship program, I can cancel it and will continue to receive the services through the end of the 30-day period for which I am paying. Also, I understand that prior to embarking on my mentorship program, I will need to apply to be accepted into the program. If I am not accepted, I will receive a full refund of my payment. I understand that it works as follows (from our FAQs):

' Do I get a refund of my tuition fees if I drop out of the Mentorship Program?

We are here for you. You will never be forced to remain in the program and you may exit at the end of any month. If you used PayPal, or a credit card through PayPal, you can cancel the next month’s payment in your online Paypal account. If you pre-paid for more than one month by using a wire transfer or any other payment option, we will refund you at the end of any month for any future unused period. Again, you may leave at any time. Yet, trading is an art AND a science. It is a process of constant growth. You must understand that mastering your emotions will take time and determination. You won’t wake up one day and say “Hey, I’ve learned everything that I need to know about trading.” That said, one of the first questions that we will ask when you join is: “are you willing to do whatever it takes (determination)?” We only want determined traders and will ask you to leave if we deem that you are not determined. Our goal is a 100% success rate and that takes both a great Mentor AND a great Mentee.'

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Trading Mentorship

Included In The Program:

  • Full Proven Curriculum
  • Direct Daily Access To Mark Yegge
  • Customized Education Just For You
  • Real-time Trading Feedback

Cost of the program is $2,997 per month and you may cancel at the end of any month. Includes:

  • all course materials (Value $2,600)
  • personalized guidance of course materials (Value $2,000/mo.)
  • Trading Mentorship (Value: $4,000/mo)
  • First Month Value: $8,600

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