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Wealth Architect / Money Manager/ Author / Speaker

Most people never learn about wealth. If they do, they learn the wrong way. Creating wealth really comes down to a mindset, a set of emotions around it. If you want to build long-term wealth, you must have a system with a proven set of rules that can help you to rid emotion from your decision-making.  Let's Architect Your Future together!


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Financial Coach / Speaker/ Mentor

Being financially free isn’t just about making money. You also have to manage it well. The Strive podcast dives deep into saving, investing, and building lasting wealth.

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How do you create safe, reliable, passive income from the stock market?

How is crypto-currency going to massively change our lives?

Why is mindset 90% of investing?

My guest this week is Mark Yegge, the Wealth Architect. Mark is a lifelong learner, author, course creator, mentor and fund manager. He has traded over $14 Billion worth of securities. Using his experience and expertise, Mark is on a mission to change the way we invest.

Mark started investing at age 12, bought his first car at age 16 and "retired" at 39 after starting, building and selling his Wall Street Software Company.


To hear the full podcast recording, click below.  Enjoy!

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