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About Mark Yegge

Mark Yegge has spent his entire life learning and teaching people about wealth. He began his first business when he was 10 and invested the money in stocks that he earned when he was 12 - enough to buy his first car.
He retired before the age of 40 from NexTrade Holdings, a Wall Street software development company, but not before he grew the company to a $30-million dollar
enterprise. Along the way, he garnered awards as Small Business of the Year, the Florida 100, and the Fast
500 - recognizing the fastest growing companies in America.  Personally, he was recognized twice by Deloitte
and Touche as an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.
Today, he manages two successful hedge funds under the Intelligrowth brand of funds, and provides stock and option advice and education through and the online Lifeskills University he founded:
He speaks to various groups several times a year about business, wealth management, & personal development and has been recognized as one of the top worldwide trainers with the Dale Carnegie Organization where he helps people become excellent public speakers.  He is the author of Negotiate To Win-Win; Jump Start your Financial Life; The Secrets of Business; The 7 Secrets of Trading and Hacking Money.  He is also the producer of several courses: The Cash Flow Machine, Trade Like A Pro, Stock Trade Genius University, the Hacking Money Investing System and others.

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