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Cash Flow System for Covered Calls - Elite

Learn the trading system that gives you the financial security to enjoy your money.

What's in the trainings:

  • Full system on how to stop making less than 8% on your investments, and start making a consistent return of 20% or more
  • 20 information-packed modules explaining step-by-step how to build an income-generation system
  • The exact system used by hedge fund manager Mark Yegge to garner excellent income returns
  • How to make money in the stock market yourself, so you can "fire your bank" and "fire your broker"

Steps to learning the Cash Flow System for Covered Calls:

  1. You Gotta Have Rules
  2. Market Direction
  3. Stock Direction
  4. Identifying The Stock
  5. Finding The Right Options
  6. Timing Is Everything
  7. Goals For Your Account: Cash-flow or more?
  8. Uncovering Magic in Delta, Theta
  9. How Deep Do You Go?
  10. How an Option is Priced
  11. How Far Out Do You Go?
  12. Protective Collars
  13. Holding Through Earnings
  14. Buy Rules/Sell Rules/Add Rules
  15. The Power of Verticals
  16. Risk Management
  17. Position Repair
  18. Implementing
  19. Putting The System Together
  20. Post-Trade Analysis
  21. Sustainment

Specific topics covered this training:

  • Leveraging Implied Volatility
  • How we use Time Decay
  • Sneaky returns with Stored Value
  • Finding a balance between Depth and Premium
  • Calculating Entry Points
  • Rules for Market Direction
  • What to do if the stock moves against you
  • Up, Down & Sideways Scenarios
  • When, how, and what to Roll to
  • The 4 Risk Management Systems
  • How To Defend against Loss
  • What to do during Earnings
  • Handling Dividend Dates
  • The 8-21 Crossover Indicator
  • Minimizing Slippage
  • The Alerts that will save your butt  
  • Amplifying your return with Synthetics
  • Advanced Synthetic Strategies
  • How and when to use Protective Collars
  • Dealing with black swan events
  • Managing Multiple Positions
  • Trading Psychology & Mindset
  • Removing emotions from trading
  • Making Accounting Easy